The decision of the Ashanti Region NDC not to contest the Ejisu by-election signals a strategic move within the party’s regional politics. This move could be influenced by various factors such as resource allocation, political calculations, and the perceived electoral landscape in the Ejisu constituency. By abstaining from contesting the by-election, the NDC may be focusing its efforts and resources on other electoral battlegrounds or prioritizing internal party cohesion and strategy. This decision will likely have implications for the dynamics of the upcoming by-election and the broader political landscape in the Ashanti Region.Other candidates include, Abena Pokua Amoah, the Ashanti regional NPP Women’s Campaign Manager Helena Mensah, the Presiding Member of the Ejisu Municipal Assembly, Clinsman Karikari Mensah, the former Assembly Member for Onwe. Maame Yaa Aboagye, Downstream Consultant, Petroleum industry and Aaron Prince Duah, Former Assembly Member for Asienimpong.

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