Having sex is natural and should feel good; but did you know sex has health benefits?

Some benefits include:

1. Keeps your immune system in check.

People that have sex show a higher level of what protects and defends your body against viruses, bacteria, germs, and other things that can make you sick. A study from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania shows this trend, where students who had sex more often displayed the antibody helping you stay healthy in higher levels than those who are not as sexually active.

2.  It boosts your libido.

Having sex boosts your desire to have more sex. In women, having sex promotes vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity, which makes sex more pleasurable and desirable.

3.  Improves women’s bladder control.

Incontinence is a problem that affects about 30% of women in some point of their lifetime. The contractions that happen while having sex will strengthen the pelvic muscles which help prevent this kind of problems.

4. Lowers blood pressure.

Researchers like Doctor Joseph J. Pinzone, have found links that sexual intercourse, not including masturbation, actually helps you to lower your blood pressure.

5. Counts as exercise.

When having sex, you utilize several muscle groups, increase your heart rate and you can burn up to 5 calories per minute. This is better than just being in your couch watching Netflix.

6. Lower heart attack risk.

Having sex is connected to keep balance in your estrogen and testosterone levels. Also it raises your heart rate which is good exercise for the heart. All of this contributes to lower heart attack risk in men.

7. Lessens pain.

Having sex can be a remedy for a headache or pain in certain parts of your body. Orgasms are linked to the release of a hormone that reduces pain.

8. May decrease your risk of prostate cancer.

Frequent erections are linked to reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Even masturbation or any other kind of intercourse that causes an ejaculation will help men to reduce their risks of cancer.

9. Improves sleep.

After having sex, a hormone of relaxation known as prolactin is released. This helps your body relax and helps you sleep like a baby after having sexual intercourse.

10. Eases stress.

Being intimate with your partner is of great help when you feel stressed. A hormone that makes you feel good is released when you cuddle, hug, kiss, and have sexual intercourse with someone you are intimate with.

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