Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame has released the full details of the plea bargain letters sent to his office by the 3rd accused, Richard Jakpa, in the ambulance purchase case.

This follows claims by Richard Jakpa in open court that Godfred Dame approached him multiple times, seeking his assistance to implicate the first accused person, Dr. Ato Forson.

Dr. Forson, a former Deputy Finance Minister and current Minority Leader, has been dragged to court by the state for his alleged role in the procurement of faulty ambulances for Ghana.

While dismissing the claims by the 3rd accused, the Attorney-General insisted that Richard Jakpa had, instead, sent several letters requesting a plea bargain in a bid for the state to drop all charges against the accused persons. He added that the proposal has not yet been accepted.

“It is rather the third accused who, by various letters dated 27th April 2023, 16th May 2023, 30th May 2023 and 12th June 2023, has proposed to the Republic through the Attorney-General to engage in plea bargaining or plea negotiations. This plea bargaining proposal has, to date, not been accepted by the Attorney-General.

“Even though the law on plea bargaining passed by Parliament permits a prosecutor to negotiate with an accused person after a plea proposal has been made, the Attorney-General has not engaged the third accused person to give false testimony in the matter.”

Attached are the letters released by the Attorney General’s office.

Click to read the plea bargaining letter on May 30, 2023

Click to read the plea bargaining letter on May 24, 2023

Click to read the plea bargaining letter on June 12, 2023

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